Local Martial Arts Academy Teaches Martial Arts AND Life Lessons To Students

One Fort Worth TX area school is changing the game when it comes to martial arts instruction. Waugh Jiu Jitsu Academy is best known for teaching Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to adults but now it is becoming well renowned for it’s children’s martial arts instruction. The actual instruction itself is top notch and fun for the kids involved but the classes go so much further than that. Orlando Waugh, chief instructor at Waugh Jiu Jitsu academy, also sits his students down and talks to them about the most pressing and dangerous issues facing their young lives during every class.
They discuss subjects like bullying, drugs, the pressure to succeed in school and in general. Waugh has always felt that it’s most important to have students who can defend themselves from bad decisions and pressures they encounter off the mat. “It’s important to give these kids the know how to do great things outside of self defense situations too” says Waugh who has been teaching martial arts for ever twenty years now.
This certainly isn’t the first martial arts instructor to do something like this but the local buzz about how Waugh’s instruction is what set’s it apart. “He really cares and the talks he has with the kids are really honest and impactful” said Tami Jones 39 of Fort Worth about Waugh’s unique teaching style. In general, the children seem to respond to Waugh even more during and after training once they have participated in one of these sit down talks with Waugh. He says that “I know I could have used advice like this when I was at that age so I’m just trying to pay it forward.”