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It Was Another Exciting High School Sports Season

Another great year in high school sports has come to an end and what a year it was. Almost every sport had some sort of incredible headline during the past ten months. It’s tough to sum up but that’s the purpose of this blog post so we will try our best to do so. Don’t be fooled though, high school sports will still be making headlines in the off-season with a lot of players declaring colleges or entering or having already entered professional athletic drafts – it should still be pretty busy, so keep your ears open all summer long!
We’ll start with baseball. This year featured an infielder, Brice Turang, only striking out in over a hundred at bats – an all time record for the high school level. You also had Birmingham becoming the first city section school in over fifty years to take home championships in both baseball and basketball. Speaking of basketball, you had LaMelo Ball scoring ninety two points (Yes, 92 points) in a single game. He also pulled down almost two million Instagram followers due to the fame of his brothers and father along with his big ninety two point performance in the past year.
Then you had football with one of the biggest upsets of the high school sports year. Quarterback J.T. Daniels completed seventy four percent of his passes and had an equally incredible running game behind him but Mater Dei lost to Bellflower St. John Bosco in the Southern Division One Championship. You also had a bunch of coaches in various sports retire after extremely long tenures including Jeff Stout and Dave White. No matter what you thought the best headline was, if you enjoy high school sports, I’m sure you had a blast this past season. Remember, the headlines won’t stop all summer either!