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Casper College’s Cowboy State Games To Feature Karate Again

The annual Cowboy State games will be held in a couple of days and this year will feature karate once again after a several year absence. This years competition will include forms, breaking and sparring and the levels of difficulty will include beginner, intermediate and advanced. The competition will feature students enrolled in martial arts schools from all over the state. It will also feature competitions in judo and grappling this year.
THe Cowboy State games have been held annually since 1986 and in Casper since 1988. However, there was a hiatus from 2008 until 2014 but the games are back and better than ever now. This years games will play host to hockey, fencing, snowshoeing, karate, grappling, judo and many other competitive sporting events. 2017’s Games are expected to be the best yet as the Cowboy State Games has finally been given a considerable budget to operate on.
The Cowboy State Games are a recognized of the National Congress of State Games which has been responsible for the rise of several American Olympic athletes over the years. This years Games also expects a turn out of well over a thousand participants as well. Athletes who medal in the Cowboy State Games will be invited to participate in the State Games of America in Grand Rapids in 2018.
The success of this years games will be a big determining factor in whether or not future games will get the same budget or even happen at all. There have been no announcements so far about the future of the Cowboy state games.