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High School Baseball Team Honors Fallen Five Year Old With Emotional Victory

A local Fredericksburg, Virginia high school baseball team won their scheduled game on Tuesday night but it was far from any ordinary victory. “Win one for Chase” was the moniker the team used to motivate themselves to secure the victory as Chase’s family looked on. Chase Beaty was a local 5 year old boy who had, just recently, passed away from an asthma attack. Chase’s family came out onto the field after the game to honor him by releasing several red balloons in his memory.
The real connection is that Seth, Chase’s elder brother, is a member of the baseball and football teams at Riverbend High School in Virginia. Since Chase’s tragic passing many members of the school, faculty, and athletic staff have banded together in an effort to raise donations for the grieving family. In fact, all of the proceeds from the game (concessions etc) were donated to the Beaty family.
The game really did honor Chase’s memory as the Bears came back late from down five runs to earn the timely victory. It was a very emotional night and display for everyone who was involved. The school plans to make a donation to the Beaty family as well in the coming weeks. Overall, the night was a great success as a considerable amount of money was, in fact, raised for the Beaty family as well as the fact that the team did “win one for Chase.”